How To Get the Most Benefits Out of Your Compression Wear

How To Get the Most Benefits Out of Your Compression Wear

Aug 6th 2021

How To Get the Most Benefits Out of Your Compression Wear

Man experiencing the benefits of a compression wear sleeve

The benefits of compression wear are pretty incredible. Not only does it help relieve muscle soreness and improve blood flow, but it also just plain feels good. Compression wear is an investment, so here’s how to make the most of those benefits so you really get your money’s worth.

Wear It All Day

Woman wearing black compression wear tank top

Compression wear is great when you’re active, but it’s at its best when you’re in recovery. And since everyone is active in some way every day — even sitting at a desk involves working your back, shoulders, and neck to keep yourself upright — we could all use some extra help recovering.

So wear your compression as much as possible. That allows it to consistently help your joints and circulation while your entire body cycles in and out of regular activity. You only get the benefits of your compression wear while you’re wearing it, after all.

Wash It Properly

Compression wear is worth wearing all day every day, but it’s fair to note that when you do, it gets dirty quickly. Sweat and dirt in the fibers of your compression wear can make it degrade faster, so be sure to wash it regularly so the compression wear keeps its full set of benefits.

You can machine wash your compression wear in cold water so long as you don’t use bleach or fabric softener. You can also tumble dry most of your compression wear on low. Small compression wear items like gloves or other accessories should be air-dried.

Get The Right Compression Wear For Your Needs

Woman running upstairs in compression wear leggings.

There are different strengths of compression wear for different levels of activity. Knowing exactly what level of support you need from your compression will help you figure out what kind to get. It's the only way to ensure you get the most of your compression wear benefits.

A thick, heavy-duty set of compression wear is ideal if you intend to work out a lot. But on the other end of the spectrum, a lighter item is plenty if you just need it for everyday pain relief. Both will improve circulation and provide added support to your joints.

Accept Its Limitations

The benefits of compression wear are wonderful and there are plenty of them. At the end of the day, though, it’s not a magic bullet. Compression wear alone won’t make you lose weight, for instance. You still have to eat right and exercise.

If you buy compression wear expecting it to be a panacea, you’ll be disappointed. But so long as you go into it looking for it to help relieve soreness in muscles, improve circulation, and reduce swelling, you’ll be amazed by just how much it’ll do!

Target Where You Wear It

Man working from home experiencing benefits of compression wear white shirt.

The feeling of improved circulation is so good that sometimes people want to experience it everywhere. Unfortunately, the human body doesn’t work like that. Instead, buy compression wear pieces that are targeted to where you need support the most.

If you’re buying your first compression wear, the benefits generally come out the most in the biggest pieces. Compression leggings, for instance, cover a significant amount of the body, and a compression tank top will support most of your torso. But if you know where you need it, go for that! One of the first groups to widely use compression wear was servers and bar staff using compression socks to support the feet they’re on all day.

Get The Right Size

For obvious reasons, compression wear is meant to be tight, but it’s not meant to be restrictive. Think of compression wear like a firm handshake. You should know you're shaking hands, but you shouldn't still be feeling it as you're walking away..

How can you move about your everyday life if your movement is constantly restricted? Getting the right size maximizes the benefits of your compression wear while going too small or too big minimizes them or negates them entirely.

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