Daily life has a way of putting a lot of wear and tear on your body. That’s why at Tommie Copper® we are committed to creating compression clothing designed to comfortably fit your body and keep it performing at its optimal level. So what is compression clothing? Here is a look at how Tommie Copper body compression garments can help you daily.

Lightweight, low-profile designs fit comfortably under clothing for everyday support, relief, and recovery.

Ergonomic panel designs with contoured stitching for targeted support, relief, and recovery.

Our innovative and technical Pro-Grade products deliver maximum support, relief, and recovery.


We design our compression clothing to fit snug in order to provide effective support for your soft tissues—muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia—while also helping increase circulation for better performance and faster recovery. Made with 4D stretch fabrics, our body compression garments apply firm, but comfortable pressure to the area where you need increased support, pain relief, or help with recovery. Below, you’ll learn more about what it is compression clothing does to provide the physiological benefits you need to live more comfortably.


Compression for Pain Relief

Our compression clothing is precisely what your body needs if you are constantly ending the day in pain. That’s because compression garments ease inflammation and pain by applying additional, soothing pressure to the specific areas of your body that they cover. This helps to stimulate blood flow, which is key to reducing pain.

Compression for Recovery

Our compression garments also help with the recovery process. That’s because the pressure they apply helps decrease blood pressure, which more rapidly rebuilds muscle. And critical for pain relief, compression also helps ease muscle swelling and joint inflammation after long, active days.



Compression for Support

If you stand or are active for lengthy periods, Tommie Copper compression clothing can help you. That’s because the added pressure our compression clothing applies to your muscles and joints helps them remain stable and supported. And when your muscles and joints are feeling rock-solid, you can perform at your best for longer periods of time.

Compression for Circulation

Body compression garments help promote the flow of oxygen-rich blood by applying pressure to your soft tissues. Blood serves as fuel for the tissues and muscles in your body, and it needs to flow effectively in order to do its job. Compression wear also helps your body move deoxygenated blood back to your heart so it can be re-oxygenated. And the cycle continues.


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