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Benefits of Men’s Compression Garments

Whether you have an injury causing you pain, aches from everyday working, or just want to improve your workout sessions, Tommie Copper® compression gear for men can help. Compression benefits include increased blood flow, reduced swelling, and eased pain for incredible joint support and muscle recovery.

All-Day Comfort Compression Gear

With ergonomic paneling and contoured stitching, Tommie Copper® men’s compression garments offer targeted support, making the whole item comfortable enough to wear all day. Plus, our 4D stretch fabric is moisture-wicking, helping to control body temperature and keep you cool.

It’s In the Fabric

Compression gear is good. But what makes Tommie Copper® men’s compression garments great? It’s in the very fiber of the products. We use 4D stretch fabric with Copper Znergy®. The Copper Znergy® reduces smells, and the 4D stretch is moisture-wicking, soft, and offers UPF 50+ to protect you from harmful UV rays.

What is Copper Znergy®?

The Tommie Copper® patented Copper Znergy® technology is a game-changer. The fabric features copper and zinc, which prevents the growth of odor-causing microbes. It never washes out, so garments from Tommie Copper® have permanent anti-odor benefits, making them easier to wear for more time.

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