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New Arrivals

New Arrivals

All New Women’s Compression Bottoms and Tops

If you’re looking for the latest in women’s upper body compression garments and lower body leggings and braces, you’ve found it. Here we combine the hottest new technology with our winning Copper Znergy® 4D stretch fabric for the absolute best compression products.

From top to bottom, our women’s compression bottoms and tops are comfortable enough to wear all day while providing the pain relief you need.

Classic Compression Benefits

At Tommie Copper®, we’re always searching for the latest and greatest in women’s upper body compression garments and lower body gear. But it all comes from and works in service to our original, trusted copper compression.

Compression gear applies gentle pressure to the muscles and joints where it’s worn. That stimulates blood flow, ensuring an increase of oxygen and nutrients to the area for pain relief and muscle building. And when it’s worn around joints, it helps to stabilize them, preventing pain before it even hits.

New Tech from the Tried and True

The women’s compression bottoms and tops in this section may be new, but our gear overall is well tested and trusted. We believe so strongly in its ability to ease your pain that we offer a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee. Give it a shot, and if you don’t feel better, we’ll send your money back, no questions asked.

If you have any questions for us, check out our FAQ page, or contact us directly! We’d love to help you avoid a headache in addition to easing your body aches.

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