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Compression Clothes For Women

Pain slows you down, no matter where it occurs. From shoulder pain to foot pain, Tommie Copper®’s compression clothes for women have got you covered. Our clothes use lightweight 4D stretch fabric to help alleviate pain. You can find garments on our website that target the following areas:

How Compression Clothes Work

Our compression clothes function by decreasing blood pressure and increasing circulation, which relieves discomfort to help you feel better faster.

Enjoy Optimal Comfort

We produce each garment with a moisture-wicking 4D stretch material that’s rated at 50+ UPF for protection against harmful UV rays. Our odor-repelling technology — Tommie Copper Znergy® — will keep bad odor away from clothes by preventing the growth of odor-inducing microbes. Because our revolutionary technology never washes off, you can enjoy it throughout the lifetime of wearing our compression garments for women.

Don’t let pain take away from your productivity. Buy our compression garments now to ease your discomfort. Rest assured that your purchase is covered by our 60-Day Money Back Guarantee, so you can try wearable wellness risk-free.

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