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Copper Znergy Sleep System - High Density Support Mattress

Copper Znergy Sleep System - High Density Support Mattress

$1,299.00 - $1,999.00

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About the product

Our High-Density Support Mattress provides the precision support you need to sleep in effortless comfort. Compression Support Coils combined with CopperGel Memory Foam work together to cradle your body in the perfect balance of supportive compression and soothing pressure relief—for ergonomic and distraction-free comfort that helps you fall asleep faster and more completely. Cooling Gel Foam, meanwhile, helps regulate body temperature, to resist fluctuations and deliver a more consistent night’s sleep. When your mattress has been purpose-built to minimize distractions and maximize comfort, you wake up feeling more rested, restored, and full of energy.

This mattress is designed for those seeking our strongest level of support and compression while enjoying pressure relief that allows you to rest peacefully. Ideal for back sleepers, those who suffer with lumbar pain, and anyone who prefers a firm feel and slight contouring into the mattress.

  • Copper Znergy infused cover eliminates odor causing bacteria from sleep surface
  • Cooling Gel Foam quilt regulates body temperature for a more consistent sleep
  • Five zones of compression foam deliver targeted support and anatomic comfort
  • Elate™ Copper Infused Foam responds dynamically to surface pressure
  • Compression Support Coils for increased edge support
  • Engineered to limit motion transfer for reduced disturbance
  • 10-year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Made in the USA
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The Tommie Copper Mattress Collection can also be found at select retail locations across the US.

*Note: Orders for Tommie Copper Mattresses cannot be combined with other non-mattress products.



copper znergy

We call it Copper Znergy®. Our patented Copper and Zinc technology is 100% infused into all of our garments, providing permanent anti-odor benefits; preventing the growth of odor-causing microbes on the fabric that won’t wash out. Our 4D Lycra® fiber stretch fabric wicks away moisture to regulate body temperature and offers UPF 50+ protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays for skin health benefits.

Style No GLQZV8A

Better Sleep with Tommie Copper®!

Get the best sleep of your life with a Tommie Copper® mattress! We may specialize in copper compression wear, but our high-density memory foam mattress is designed with your health and well-being in mind. We’ve taken the time to develop a mattress designed for pain relief and support to give you effortless comfort and deep sleep. Made with cooling gel foam and memory foam, this Tommie Copper® mattress will prevent hot sleeping and offer you the perfect balance of compression and pressure relief.

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Our love for compression runs deep. So deep, we decided to create the Tommie Copper® mattress that incorporates the benefits of compression into your sleep! You can shop for all frame sizes, from Twin to California King. Plus, this high-density memory foam mattress is designed for serious support. Back sleepers, those with lower back pain, and those of us who just like a firm mattress will love this product! Designed with our Copper Znergy® technology, this Tommie Copper® mattress also prevents the build-up of odor-causing bacteria, and it’s made in the USA. At Tommie Copper®, we want all of our customers to get the best pain management and recovery, so we’re making it easy to get the best sleep every night, so you can perform in the morning.

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